Insurance is not just another billing trick used to get money out of people every now and then. Although some myths and practices have made insurance seem unnecessary, it is actually a necessity. As a matter of fact, it is a benefit to those who know the pros and cons of managing an insurance plan.

For example, healthkonnet preaches that health insurance is important to ensure that you get quality and affordable health care. This is because the medical institutions registered with insurance companies are proven and of great quality giving no worries at all as regards the quality of the healthcare. Also, you get to save a lot when you sign up to always use the same healthcare service provider. 

However, this does not mean that insurance plans do not stress people financially, but usually, it is not the fault of the insurance company. It is simply because people have not paid enough attention to their insurance plan to know how to enjoy the benefits offered. 

Apart from taking time to understand the offers and benefits of your health insurance plan, and sticking to the in-network health care providers, here are three things you can do to make sure you enjoy your health insurance. 

  1. Always take advantage of the time when you max out your deductible – As you might and should already know, every plan has a specific deductible attached to them. At one point or the other, you would have met the deductible attached to your plan or plans. When this happens, it means everything becomes extremely cheap for the rest of the year! And for you, it is your time to get very healthy. Go to the dermatologist, the optician, the dentist, and every healthcare provider you might need because everything is now extremely cheap! 
  2. Reduce Dispensing Fees by using mail order – Do you like the sound of free shipping when shopping online? That’s almost the exact same thing as this!  If you have a supply of medications that you always buy or that you have to use continuously, then you can use the mail order option to reduce the cost of delivering it to you. Although it will be later than usual, you will save a significant amount of money. 
  3. Max it all out! – Insurance is for the benefit, and that does not exclude health insurance. Your health insurance plan must have come with some programs, discounts or other benefits. Find out what they all are and use them. Max it all out! You can get a fitness club membership discount, and even more. Those benefits are there for you to enjoy, so make sure you do justice 


You can only enjoy what you know. So, take time to understand your health insurance plan so that you can enjoy all it has to offer. You can also spend time on platforms like HealthKonnet to learn more about health insurance. 

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