Health Insurance has existed for many years and it has experienced generations of shifts and transformation including innovations like HealthKonnet, as it still is today. However, some things have remained consistent over the years and some of them have become determinants of the general perception of the public as regardless health insurance. 

These myths are quite widespread, and sometimes confusing, which ends up depriving people of the potential benefits of health insurance. 


  • Young And Healthy People Don’t Need Insurance – To an acceptable extent, this is very logical. Mostly, young people never have to go through any health problems because their body is strong and their metabolism is at the peak of its game. It is believed that older people are more prone to diseases. Hence, young people do not need to be protected or insured from health problems. However, despite the fact that young people don’t fall sick, they are more prone to emergencies from accidents, and injuries because of their activities. Car accidents are very common amongst youths and insurance will make sure you don’t have to go broke as a result of such occurrence if it happens. 
  • Only Rich People Use Health Insurance – It is believed that health insurance is for the rich and affluent but that is not entirely true. Paying for health insurance or anything else including water might be easier for rich people because they have enough money to do whatever they want. However, health insurance is about providing quality healthcare at an affordable price. Besides, the richer people are usually not be prone to more illnesses because they usually have them checked and treated early enough. This could be the same of average families too, if they use health insurance. There are different insurance packages, and it is certain that every can find the ones that they are convenient with. 
  • Health Insurance Is Exploiting – This is a major myth and one of the major reasons why people do not sign up for health insurance. They believe paying premiums is an unnecessary bill because it is not exactly paying for a product. The fact that you get nothing physically when you are charged also reinforces the idea, but it is only a myth. Health insurance is meant to upgrade the standard of healthcare administered to the people, and reduce the charges for it by making sure people stick to the same provider over a long period of time. This is one of the core values of platforms like HealthKonnet.  If you actually take time to calculate how much you spend on medical bills and other health related needs, the chances are that they are more expensive than the health insurance plan that would have given you the benefits that cover those expenses. 


These myths and more have led people to wrong decisions time and time again in the past years, but we hope that this article will help you to make better decisions make the most of your health insurance. 


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