If there is a way to get cheaper health insurance, insiders would know and it would be the most reliable. Since the goal of most innovative health insurance platforms like HealthKonnet is to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible, here are some insider tips to getting cheaper insurance. 

Joining a wellness incentive can also help – This is one of the easiest ways to pay less premium for health insurance. Simply ensure that you join a recognized wellness incentive program and participate actively. This will reduce your premium as the insurance company will believe with evidence, that you are healthier than most, preventative of health issues, and most likely not visit the hospital a lot. Joining a wellness incentive will not only reduce your premium, it will also reduce your chances of getting ill and keep you healthy. 

Choose generics over name-brand prescription – Not just in health care, but in the retail world generally, branded products cost more, especially when it is from a big brand. However, products of lesser popular brands might be of the same quality and authenticity as the popular ones. This applies to prescriptions too. You can save quite a lot of money and reduce the costs of your insurance by buy generics from over than buying name-brand prescriptions. There is even the chance that you will save up to a thousand dollars and more on just a single prescription in a year. If you do the maths and add up the possible amount of costs you will cut off of your premium and out-of-pocket bills, you will discover that truly, health insurance can be cheaper. 

Pay in full at once – Many insurance companies and health providers allow you to use a sort of an early bird discount option. This means you don’t have to pay the full amount if you offer to pay the full amount in time. Splitting your payments will only cost you more, but paying at once will rid you of worries, and add some change to your savings. 

Try health sharing plans – There is love in sharing, and there are also discounts in sharing. The strength in the pack comes to life in the financial impact of health insurance services. Health-sharing plans allow you to pair up with a friend or family member to split premiums and help pay medical bills for yourselves. The only downside to this is that you have to be eligible based on your level of healthiness. If you passed the test, then you can say hello to reduced expenses. Your health insurance premium can be cut in half or close to that if you are able to pull this off. 


In conclusion, always try to negotiate. Don’t just agree and pick a plan after the salesperson or insurance consultant offer them to you. You can cut costs and be open to need options through negotiation.

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