Generally, people tend to give their opinions on topics that they do not really know much about. This happens all the time and in every field, and its impact is usually negative. Word travels fast, and the things people say about people and things soon become their public perception. If care is not taken, it will be hard to debunk those lies after they have been spread.

In health insurance, for instance, there are lies that cripple the industry. This is a big disadvantage to the insurance companies, and even to the general public. This is why we at HealthKonnet, have taken it upon ourselves at HealthKonnet to debunk these lies in this article. 

Below are some of them:

Employee Insurance is all you need

Unfortunately, this is not true. What is true is that a corporate group insurance scheme covers a large part of your health insurance, not all. Most times, you would need to get yourself individual health insurance. It is a legal and ethical requirement for organizations to have a health insurance scheme for all employees, but organization try to spend as little as possible in doing this, so they choose plans that either exclude parents, or limits the number of beneficiaries, enforce copayment and so on, just to make sure they don’t pay as much as they should on a normal day. If you really want to benefit maximally from your health insurance, you would need a personalized health insurance plan, and not just your organization’s provision. One of the best places to get this is at HealthKonnet.

Health Insurance does not cover smokers 

Medical practitioners generally frown at smoking due to the damages it can cause to the body, especially in a country like Nigeria when the weather is almost never extremely cold. This, however, does not mean they have disqualified this category of people from enjoying the benefits of health insurance.

This lie has deceived so many people, such that they are up to half of the smokers and regular drinkers do not bother to apply for health insurance. Smokers and people who drink alcohol regularly need health insurance more than any other person on earth because they are many times more likely to have health problems. There are plans that cover smokers, but most times, they would have to pay a higher premium because of the risk attached to smoking too much. In the end, they get health insurance and are catered for like every other person.

Health Insurance only pays when you’re hospitalized 

Although there is a policy that is related to this, it is not entirely true. Health insurance companies usually have a minimum number of hours that you should be hospitalized for. However, technology has made medical treatments easier and a lot could be done outside the hospital. So, if you receive any kind of treatment at home or anywhere, it will still count as time spent receiving treatment. 


If all these lies are debunked, people will get to learn the truth about insurance and begin to take advantage of it. HealthKonnet will not stop bringing these lies to light. Everyone deserves better. 

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