Health Insurance basically covers everything that is related to health and wellness, but there are a number of things that health insurance does not cover. It is important to know these things because misinformation might just lead to a huge loss that you won’t be able to do anything about. 

  1. You can not get a solution to all health problems – Yes, health insurance covers most of the health needs that you might have, but does it really cover everything? No. Health Insurance comes in different plans and depending on the plan you choose, some things are covered and some all not. It is usually hard, and almost impossible to find an insurance plan that has a provision for every possible problem. If it exists, it will be extremely expensive. This is because it is almost impossible for a single person to suffer all kinds of health challenges at the same. So, platforms like HealthKonnet offer various plans to cover related problems and to fit people’s lifestyles so that they can get quality healthcare for an affordable amount.
  2. You can not get a cover for your cosmetic surgery – On the large scale, you simply can not get your cosmetic needs covered in your health insurance. There is an exception of a few cosmetic procedures that are considered to be important for your health, but usually, they are few. If your cosmetic surgery is purely for the purpose of fashion or your luxurious desires, you will most definitely pay the huge price from your pocket, and outside your insurance. Health insurance is strictly for health purposes. 
  3. You can not make any claims in the first few months – Depending on the insurance company, there is an assurance that you will most likely not be able to make any claims on your insurance in the first few months, or at least for the first thirty days. Most people try to buy insurance just before they get an important surgery done to reduce the costs, but it does not work that way. One of the agreements in an insurance deal is that you will have a long term relationship with the insurance company and the in-network health providers. The denial of access to a claim in the early days is to ensure that you hold your end of this bargain and that they are not making a loss. Preexisting diseases might take longer to access claims especially if they were not properly disclosed before the insurance deal. 


Overall, asking questions and finding out more about your insurance plan will help you know what exactly you can get and what you do not have access to. You can always find useful information on HealthKonnet.


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