Insider Tips For Cheaper Health Insurance Premiums

If there is a way to get cheaper health insurance, insiders would know and it would be the most reliable. Since the goal of most innovative health insurance platforms like HealthKonnet is to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible, here are some insider tips to getting cheaper insurance. 

Joining a wellness incentive can also help – This is one of the easiest ways to pay less premium for health insurance. Simply ensure that you join a recognized wellness incentive program and participate actively. This will reduce your premium as the insurance company will believe with evidence, that you are healthier than most, preventative of health issues, and most likely not visit the hospital a lot. Joining a wellness incentive will not only reduce your premium, it will also reduce your chances of getting ill and keep you healthy. 

Choose generics over name-brand prescription – Not just in health care, but in the retail world generally, branded products cost more, especially when it is from a big brand. However, products of lesser popular brands might be of the same quality and authenticity as the popular ones. This applies to prescriptions too. You can save quite a lot of money and reduce the costs of your insurance by buy generics from over than buying name-brand prescriptions. There is even the chance that you will save up to a thousand dollars and more on just a single prescription in a year. If you do the maths and add up the possible amount of costs you will cut off of your premium and out-of-pocket bills, you will discover that truly, health insurance can be cheaper. 

Pay in full at once – Many insurance companies and health providers allow you to use a sort of an early bird discount option. This means you don’t have to pay the full amount if you offer to pay the full amount in time. Splitting your payments will only cost you more, but paying at once will rid you of worries, and add some change to your savings. 

Try health sharing plans – There is love in sharing, and there are also discounts in sharing. The strength in the pack comes to life in the financial impact of health insurance services. Health-sharing plans allow you to pair up with a friend or family member to split premiums and help pay medical bills for yourselves. The only downside to this is that you have to be eligible based on your level of healthiness. If you passed the test, then you can say hello to reduced expenses. Your health insurance premium can be cut in half or close to that if you are able to pull this off. 


In conclusion, always try to negotiate. Don’t just agree and pick a plan after the salesperson or insurance consultant offer them to you. You can cut costs and be open to need options through negotiation.

How To Save Money On Your Health Insurance

No one can blame Health Insurance for getting more expensive in the most recent years, but we can not also deny the fact that insurance has gotten expensive in the past years. The industry is simply responding to the decline in the economy which has increased the cost of operations and also hiked the hospital bills and the price of medication. Health Insurance would have been unbearable if solutions like HealthKonnet were not created to reduce the costs of operations to stakeholders and the service costs for end-users. 

Asides using solutions like HealthKonnet, here are some things that you can do to save money on your health insurance. 


Look Before You Leap

Health insurance naturally helps you save money. However, it is not enough to understand that you need insurance to reduce your medical bills and maintain consistency in receiving quality healthcare. You can save even more money by looking before you leap. What does this mean? Study. Take time to research, compare and contrast different plans and what they offer. You need to know which is which, and what exactly works for you. This includes choosing between HMOs and PPOs. You must put your needs beside every plan, and pick the one that goes with them properly. 


Leverage Your Fitness and Choose A Higher Deductible

This is not for everyone, as it involves a lot of risk and might even cost you more money. However, a certain category of persons can conveniently choose to take this risk. They include people who have a very healthy medical history and those who are convincingly fit. If you can be sure that you won’t have to visit the hospital for anything serious for a long period of time, then you should go for a plan that has a higher deductible. Exchanging your deductible for a lower premium can save you a lot of cash. 


Choose A Cheaper Place To Get Healthcare

Many medical facilities charge relatively lower than others and they offer the same quality of service. Using a costly health care provider will definitely cost you more. So, take some time out to research on the varying prices of healthcare providers. Also, try to stay out of the Emergency Room. It costs a lot to be there, and you get virtually the same service from urgent care clinics, and similar health care providers. If you go for a stand-alone radiology and surgery center, you will definitely save a lot of money. If you are having a hard time finding a cheaper option, you can also ask medical practitioners. 


Healthcare should not be expensive. It is the right of everyone to get quality healthcare as many innovative health insurance outlets have chosen to promote. However, you can also make sure you don’t spend a fortune on healthcare by choosing health insurance, and to spend less on health insurance by choosing HealthKonnet

Things You Can Not Get With Health Insurance

Health Insurance basically covers everything that is related to health and wellness, but there are a number of things that health insurance does not cover. It is important to know these things because misinformation might just lead to a huge loss that you won’t be able to do anything about. 

  1. You can not get a solution to all health problems – Yes, health insurance covers most of the health needs that you might have, but does it really cover everything? No. Health Insurance comes in different plans and depending on the plan you choose, some things are covered and some all not. It is usually hard, and almost impossible to find an insurance plan that has a provision for every possible problem. If it exists, it will be extremely expensive. This is because it is almost impossible for a single person to suffer all kinds of health challenges at the same. So, platforms like HealthKonnet offer various plans to cover related problems and to fit people’s lifestyles so that they can get quality healthcare for an affordable amount.
  2. You can not get a cover for your cosmetic surgery – On the large scale, you simply can not get your cosmetic needs covered in your health insurance. There is an exception of a few cosmetic procedures that are considered to be important for your health, but usually, they are few. If your cosmetic surgery is purely for the purpose of fashion or your luxurious desires, you will most definitely pay the huge price from your pocket, and outside your insurance. Health insurance is strictly for health purposes. 
  3. You can not make any claims in the first few months – Depending on the insurance company, there is an assurance that you will most likely not be able to make any claims on your insurance in the first few months, or at least for the first thirty days. Most people try to buy insurance just before they get an important surgery done to reduce the costs, but it does not work that way. One of the agreements in an insurance deal is that you will have a long term relationship with the insurance company and the in-network health providers. The denial of access to a claim in the early days is to ensure that you hold your end of this bargain and that they are not making a loss. Preexisting diseases might take longer to access claims especially if they were not properly disclosed before the insurance deal. 


Overall, asking questions and finding out more about your insurance plan will help you know what exactly you can get and what you do not have access to. You can always find useful information on HealthKonnet.


Lies About Health Insurance That Must Be Debunked

Generally, people tend to give their opinions on topics that they do not really know much about. This happens all the time and in every field, and its impact is usually negative. Word travels fast, and the things people say about people and things soon become their public perception. If care is not taken, it will be hard to debunk those lies after they have been spread.

In health insurance, for instance, there are lies that cripple the industry. This is a big disadvantage to the insurance companies, and even to the general public. This is why we at HealthKonnet, have taken it upon ourselves at HealthKonnet to debunk these lies in this article. 

Below are some of them:

Employee Insurance is all you need

Unfortunately, this is not true. What is true is that a corporate group insurance scheme covers a large part of your health insurance, not all. Most times, you would need to get yourself individual health insurance. It is a legal and ethical requirement for organizations to have a health insurance scheme for all employees, but organization try to spend as little as possible in doing this, so they choose plans that either exclude parents, or limits the number of beneficiaries, enforce copayment and so on, just to make sure they don’t pay as much as they should on a normal day. If you really want to benefit maximally from your health insurance, you would need a personalized health insurance plan, and not just your organization’s provision. One of the best places to get this is at HealthKonnet.

Health Insurance does not cover smokers 

Medical practitioners generally frown at smoking due to the damages it can cause to the body, especially in a country like Nigeria when the weather is almost never extremely cold. This, however, does not mean they have disqualified this category of people from enjoying the benefits of health insurance.

This lie has deceived so many people, such that they are up to half of the smokers and regular drinkers do not bother to apply for health insurance. Smokers and people who drink alcohol regularly need health insurance more than any other person on earth because they are many times more likely to have health problems. There are plans that cover smokers, but most times, they would have to pay a higher premium because of the risk attached to smoking too much. In the end, they get health insurance and are catered for like every other person.

Health Insurance only pays when you’re hospitalized 

Although there is a policy that is related to this, it is not entirely true. Health insurance companies usually have a minimum number of hours that you should be hospitalized for. However, technology has made medical treatments easier and a lot could be done outside the hospital. So, if you receive any kind of treatment at home or anywhere, it will still count as time spent receiving treatment. 


If all these lies are debunked, people will get to learn the truth about insurance and begin to take advantage of it. HealthKonnet will not stop bringing these lies to light. Everyone deserves better. 

Health Insurance Myths That Have Existed For Years

Health Insurance has existed for many years and it has experienced generations of shifts and transformation including innovations like HealthKonnet, as it still is today. However, some things have remained consistent over the years and some of them have become determinants of the general perception of the public as regardless health insurance. 

These myths are quite widespread, and sometimes confusing, which ends up depriving people of the potential benefits of health insurance. 


  • Young And Healthy People Don’t Need Insurance – To an acceptable extent, this is very logical. Mostly, young people never have to go through any health problems because their body is strong and their metabolism is at the peak of its game. It is believed that older people are more prone to diseases. Hence, young people do not need to be protected or insured from health problems. However, despite the fact that young people don’t fall sick, they are more prone to emergencies from accidents, and injuries because of their activities. Car accidents are very common amongst youths and insurance will make sure you don’t have to go broke as a result of such occurrence if it happens. 
  • Only Rich People Use Health Insurance – It is believed that health insurance is for the rich and affluent but that is not entirely true. Paying for health insurance or anything else including water might be easier for rich people because they have enough money to do whatever they want. However, health insurance is about providing quality healthcare at an affordable price. Besides, the richer people are usually not be prone to more illnesses because they usually have them checked and treated early enough. This could be the same of average families too, if they use health insurance. There are different insurance packages, and it is certain that every can find the ones that they are convenient with. 
  • Health Insurance Is Exploiting – This is a major myth and one of the major reasons why people do not sign up for health insurance. They believe paying premiums is an unnecessary bill because it is not exactly paying for a product. The fact that you get nothing physically when you are charged also reinforces the idea, but it is only a myth. Health insurance is meant to upgrade the standard of healthcare administered to the people, and reduce the charges for it by making sure people stick to the same provider over a long period of time. This is one of the core values of platforms like HealthKonnet.  If you actually take time to calculate how much you spend on medical bills and other health related needs, the chances are that they are more expensive than the health insurance plan that would have given you the benefits that cover those expenses. 


These myths and more have led people to wrong decisions time and time again in the past years, but we hope that this article will help you to make better decisions make the most of your health insurance. 


3 Secrets To Enjoying Your Health Insurance Plan

Insurance is not just another billing trick used to get money out of people every now and then. Although some myths and practices have made insurance seem unnecessary, it is actually a necessity. As a matter of fact, it is a benefit to those who know the pros and cons of managing an insurance plan.

For example, healthkonnet preaches that health insurance is important to ensure that you get quality and affordable health care. This is because the medical institutions registered with insurance companies are proven and of great quality giving no worries at all as regards the quality of the healthcare. Also, you get to save a lot when you sign up to always use the same healthcare service provider. 

However, this does not mean that insurance plans do not stress people financially, but usually, it is not the fault of the insurance company. It is simply because people have not paid enough attention to their insurance plan to know how to enjoy the benefits offered. 

Apart from taking time to understand the offers and benefits of your health insurance plan, and sticking to the in-network health care providers, here are three things you can do to make sure you enjoy your health insurance. 

  1. Always take advantage of the time when you max out your deductible – As you might and should already know, every plan has a specific deductible attached to them. At one point or the other, you would have met the deductible attached to your plan or plans. When this happens, it means everything becomes extremely cheap for the rest of the year! And for you, it is your time to get very healthy. Go to the dermatologist, the optician, the dentist, and every healthcare provider you might need because everything is now extremely cheap! 
  2. Reduce Dispensing Fees by using mail order – Do you like the sound of free shipping when shopping online? That’s almost the exact same thing as this!  If you have a supply of medications that you always buy or that you have to use continuously, then you can use the mail order option to reduce the cost of delivering it to you. Although it will be later than usual, you will save a significant amount of money. 
  3. Max it all out! – Insurance is for the benefit, and that does not exclude health insurance. Your health insurance plan must have come with some programs, discounts or other benefits. Find out what they all are and use them. Max it all out! You can get a fitness club membership discount, and even more. Those benefits are there for you to enjoy, so make sure you do justice 


You can only enjoy what you know. So, take time to understand your health insurance plan so that you can enjoy all it has to offer. You can also spend time on platforms like HealthKonnet to learn more about health insurance. 

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance

Do you feel like your health insurance is more expensive than it should be? Maybe that’s a possibility, but think about it this way; what if it wasn’t too expensive but instead, you are not making the most of your plan? That is a possibility! A lot of families are not maximizing the profits of their health insurance. However, if it is really expensive, you should try HealthKonnet. The options are extremely affordable. 

You will find this article very useful because you will find four different tips that will teach you to get the most out of your health insurance. 


  1. Make the right choice of plan for your family – There is a reason why there are different health insurance plans. The plans are not just categorized based on affordability but also to meet the needs of different families. You must first examine the particular medical needs of everyone in your family, including dental and other needs related to health. This knowledge will help you choose a plan that covers all your needs, and doesn’t cost you any unnecessary extra fee. 
  2. Take time to understand how the plan works – It’s not enough to find the right plan and choose it. You still need to understand how it works to make the best of it. Ask questions, if you can’t find answers for yourself. You need to know what exactly you are paying for, how you’re paying, and how often you have to pay. You also need to understand the rules of the insurance plan you have chosen. This will make the whole process easier and will help you get more out of your health insurance. It will also ensure that you receive quality healthcare for the most reasonable charge. 
  3. Hire a medical billing advocate – This is like a health insurance financial manager who makes sure that you get the best of your insurance premium. So, they can help you curb excess payments and fish out overcharged bills. The sweetest part of this is that you don’t even have to pay them any extra money most of the time. They usually only charge a percentage of the amount they help you save or recover. This is actually recommended if you or anyone in your family has an unusual or complex medical condition that might warrant extra charges due to intensive and expensive care provided from time to time. 
  4. Don’t use health services outside your in-network providers –  For example, at HealthKonnet of the most important purposes of using a health insurance service is to get special discounted and high-quality healthcare, and this is provided by the in-network providers. As a result of this, it is only wise for you to stick with these in-network providers. It is safer to use the same doctor or doctors repeatedly and to have those doctors on your insurance plan. 


If you apply these tips, you will find out that you are not wasting money on insurance, and you are actually getting high-quality healthcare for a lesser price. Platforms like HealthKonnet can guarantee that your money is properly spent. 

Major Problems Facing Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria Today

Like every other industry in Nigeria, the insurance industry  is growing to become more competitive by day. Particularly, the Health Insurance Companies are faced with major issues that have been growing with the industry for quite a while and are now too big to ignore. 

Here some of the most daring problems are discussed below:

  • Lack of growth in the customer base. The major source of income for most insurance companies is the wide chain of customers they build. This has changed over the years and as a result, there is a stunted growth in the business. This could be due to a lack of innovation to keep the growth steady, but a new development in the industry is set to solve the problem. Platforms like HealthKonnet are going digital with Health Insurance, giving Insurance stakeholders the chance to grow their customer base the 21st century way. 
  • Inability to make effective decisions. Agreement with insurance companies is basically about bearing risks.  For example, the cost to maintain cancer for a month has risen from about $5000 to $10000 over the past few years. The growth in premiums have helped balanced this to an extent but the truth remains that these margins will continue to decline while insurers watch the margins.
  • Incapability to avoid huge health bills for patients. It has been proven by experience and testimony that patients don’t trust their insurers to make the best decisions for them, this is because they are not guaranteed of the quality of the result of such decision. As a result of this, they end up making unprofessional decisions that cause them to pay more than they should. However, a significant development in the industry is transparency and reduced costs. For example, HealthKonnet is particularly established to make sure patients spend less and get more.
  • Restrained turnover. Most insurers have the issue of making little or no profit on the various investments they make and this in the real sense is not a good deal in business. If only they could use a platform that would guarantee customer growth and ensure a profitable and growing turnover. 
  • Sustaining favorable and lasting relationship with clients. The managerial ability of an insurance firm has a long way to determine it’s an achievement in the long-run. Poor management and lack of human resources can, however, be a major set back to such headway for any insurance company.
  • Lack of demand. On a regular, new innovations spring up in the business world and therefore, it becomes necessary to adjust and find creative ways to fit into the trend and make the best of it, this can be achieved by constant promotion and awareness. 
  • Technological Revolution. Technology expands on a daily and the more the expansion, the more expensive they get, the inability of some companies to afford or accept these enhancements draws them back and basically, investments increase. 

Many insurance companies are failing because they are still operating in the past. However, a few of them are thriving because they have opened themselves to innovations such as HealthKonnet, improving the quality of their services, and making their day to day operations cheaper and easier.

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