Frequently Asked Questions (Section One)

HealthKonnet is an online platform that helps HMOs, health insurance customers and care providers simplify and improve their healthcare processes.

HealthKonnet is designed to integrate into your day to day activities with all required resource for you stay healthy and in times of emergency aids your quick verification and medical attention.

You can sign into HealthKonnet either as an individual or if you work for an organization, your organization can signup with an Health Maintenance Organisation on HealthKonnet. Click here to signup as an individual. Click here to see list of Health Maintenance Organization on HealthKonnet.

Everyone is eligible for an insurance cover and qualified to be on HealthKonnet

Yes you can join as an individual and select an HMO from the list of HMO’s to be under the HMO coverage

Yes. Depends on your agreement with your Health Insurance provider.

It’s totally free

Yes you can.

A ussd code would be released soon to aid users without internet coverage

Yes. Depends on the coverage of the Health Insurance Provider.

HealthKonnet is free.

Yes you can add as many beneficiary to your health wallet and manage them all. Liaise with your HMO to no better.

HealthKonnet has all HealthCare providers (Hospitals) in Nigeria. However the list of HealthCare providers you see under your HMO coverage is based on the scope of your HMO. They could always expand to accommodate as many as possible.

Upon registration, choose your state and all hospitals in your state would be available to you

From HealthKonnet Mobile application, navigate to “Locate Hospital”, select your state and you would find all around you based on you geo-location

Yes. Our ussd channel would be communicated shortly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Section Two)

For Hospitals and HMO’s Contact the HealthKonnet team and you would be guided accordingly with all due process involved.

Yes. HealthKonnet is robust enough to carry all your patients

(Hospitals) Yes you can. but you would be limited to the Hospital Management System only

Kindly contact our sales team at

Yes. Communication is built to be seamless using HealthKonnet

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It’s time to deliver health care offerings smartly and more efficiently.

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